Margaret Mee and the Moonflower

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Elegant, intrepid, and headstrong — Margaret Mee was one of the world’s greatest botanical illustrators and conservationists. Living in Brazil for over three decades and with 15 expeditions into the Amazon Rainforest, Mee has cultivated an important body of work by documenting some of the world’s rarest species of plant. Her illustrations are, up to this date, a valuable resource for botanical science research and her technique gave her recognition as one of the most important illustrators in Europe.

Director Malu De Martino takes audiences through the life and work of one of the last truly regal British explorers, following in her tracks to find the elusive strophocactus wittii — commonly known as the Moonflower. This extremely rare species grows at the highest part of the trees and is only visible between the May and June during the Amazon River floods.

Filmed in London, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Amazon Forest between 2010 and 2011, Margaret Mee and the Moon Flower includes interviews with important researches such Carmem Fidalgo, botanist artist, Sir Ghillean Prance and Simon Mayo, both English botanists; Tony Morrison, a personal friend and writer; and Sylvia Brautigam, Margaret Mee’s art curator.


Margaret Mee and the Moonflower
Brazil / Documentary / 2014
78 Minutes

PRODUCED BY: Elisa Tolomelli
DIRECTED BY: Malu de Martino
NARRATOR: Patricia Pillar
EDITING: Pedro Rossi

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